Not convinced social media helps sales? It depends. Yet, it’s crucial in other ways.

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Struggling with how to tell your story? Read on!

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Want more eyes on your posts? Here’s my quick-start guide!

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  • They’re not following or interacting with readers, reviewers, and book bloggers, clearly the most important demographics for any writer
  • They’re participating in many writer-related memes (e.g., #writerslift), which promotes a lot of writer link spam with other writers — not readers!*

Writers, are you struggling right now? Let’s create a plan!

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“Memoir is about something you know after something you’ve been through,” says Marion Roach Smith, author of The Memoir Project.

Many memoir writers, once they’ve given themselves permission to write their story, get stuck after writing that terrible first draft.

Rachel Thompson

Author, 7 books. Writer: Start It Up, Writing Coop. Childhood sexual assault survivor/advocate. Social Media/Book Marketer

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