Unsure how to market a book that doesn’t exist yet? Here’s how.

In a previous post, I discussed how to pre-market your book and create buzz. Many writers are tentative about this process: how can I market a book that doesn’t exist yet?

Oh, but you can, and today I’m going to share with you:

  1. Specific, practical ways to do exactly that,

Not convinced social media helps sales? It depends. Yet, it’s crucial in other ways.

Many writers new to book marketing aren’t quite clear on the connection of social media to book marketing. They’re convinced marketing their book means constant promotion or selling their soul, and they’re right, if they’re doing it wrong.

Constant spammy “Buy my book!” links and self-promotion are uninteresting and lazy…

Want more eyes on your posts? Here’s my quick-start guide!

planner, blog posts,

Whether you’re writing here on Medium, a guest post on a high-volume site, or building up your own blog or vlog (video blog), you want as many eyes as possible on your posts, right?

Yea, you and every other blogger. That’s the challenge, isn’t it? Writing blog posts consistently is…

Introverts can make great marketers. Let's break it down.

Many writers find book marketing overwhelming. Not uncommon, given that most writers don't have a marketing background. The writing part may come easy to us; however, connecting with readers and other publishing industry influencers can often feel awkward and uncomfortable, particularly when starting.

The 'cold call' approach is incredibly ineffective…

Rachel Thompson

Author, 7 books. Writer: Start It Up, Writing Coop. Childhood sexual assault survivor/advocate. Social Media/Book Marketer http://BadRedheadMedia.com

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