Writers: This Is Why Your Hard Sell Is a Fail On Social Media

Rachel Thompson
5 min readSep 28, 2021

And what you can do instead that works!

One of the biggest complaints writers share about being on social media is, “all the spam from other writers!” I smile, because I understand why this happens:

  • They’re following too many writers who don’t understand how to utilize social media effectively
  • They’re not following or interacting with readers, reviewers, and book bloggers, clearly the most important demographics for any writer
  • They’re participating in many writer-related memes (e.g., #writerslift), which promotes a lot of writer link spam with other writers — not readers!*

As an author of seven books (so far), and solopreneur who helps writers and bloggers learn how to market their work, one of the first things I have writers do is audit their Twitter feed (or choose whatever social media they primarily use — for the purposes of this article, I’ll use Twitter).

*The #writerslift hashtag is very popular on Twitter. There’s even a website dedicated to it. And I’m all for writers supporting writers! Writers are avid readers. Be aware, however, of not reaching beyond that comfort zone. Who is your demographic? Are you interacting and building relationships with readers beyond writers in the #writerlift hashtag?



Rachel Thompson

Author, 8 books. Writer: Start It Up, Writing Coop, Better Humans. Childhood sexual assault survivor/advocate. Book Marketer http://BadRedheadMedia.com